Our Purpose

We created mfIQ to make a meaningful impact in improving mental wellness in our society. Our founders share personal experiences with individuals struggling with mental wellness issues and understand the impact this has on people’s lives. Grounded in this empathy, we are driven to help organizations improve their environment psychological safety and individuals ability to flourish by offering a comprehensive and empowering support system that promotes mental wellness by building reliable coping and resilience habits. 

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There is no simple solution to improve mental wellness. But it is possible to embark on a journey of change.

We are united in the belief that:

Our Founders

Career in psychology as a clinician and researcher.  Accomplished author and sought after speaker/consultant on organizational mental health.  Lifelong sportsman, including varsity football, golf and fitness. Passionate about making a difference in people’s lives.

Career in IT industry, focused on designing and implementing technology platforms. Strong cross-industry vertical experience. Specialist in small and medium sized businesses, including startups.  Ex- professional athlete with an ongoing passion for sports.  Focused on family and driving to make an impact on mental health.

Deep experience in all things back office, including serving as CFO of several organizations.  Specialist in technology companies, including startups. Avid sportsman. Passionate about making an impact on mental health.

Experienced executive, leading large business units for major consulting companies.  Specialist in organizational transformation enabled by technology. Passionate about family, sports and mental health.